Genealogical research files documenting the paternal and maternal ancestry of Barbara Long. The research documents 33 different family lines stemming from East Tennessee and Southwestern Alabama, with origins in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. The files contain original research notes, correspondence, interviews with family members, reports of professional genealogists and copies of original records including deeds, wills, land grants, census records, and Bible records.

Series I: Breazeale

Breazeale family genealogical research material including:

  1. Henry Breazeale Sr. born 1651 Charles City County, VA, died ca. 1720 Henrico County, VA.
  2. Henry Brazeale Jr. born 1692 Charleston, VA, died 1770.
  3. Willis Breazeale Sr. born before 1750 died 1795 Abbeville, SC.
  4. Elizabeth/Patsy Breazeale born ca. 1775 Abbeville, SC, married Joseph Grayson 1798 Knox County, TN, died after 1830 Bledsoe/Marion County, TN.
Series II: Bryan

Bryan family genealogical research material including:

  1. James Bryan born ca. 1795 married Elizabeth Lyon.
  2. George Washington Bryan born ca. 1814 NC, died ca. 1875, marr. Cary Tranum b. ca. 1829 SC died 1891 Crenshaw County AL.
  3. Mourning Bryan born 1838 Butler County, AL, marr. Henry Jefferson Long 1858, died 1915 Crenshaw County AL.
Series III: Dees Family
  1. Joel Dees, born 1749 Johnston County, NC, died 1856 Baldwin County, AL.
  2. James Dees, born ca. 1795 AL, died before 15 Oct. 1870, Monroe Co. AL.
  3. William Dees, born 1829, died 1898, Monroe County AL, married 1852 Clarissa Watson (1832-1882).
  4. Henry Lee Dees, Sr., born 1869, died 1945, Repton, AL. Married 1896 Roena Martin (1877-1959)
Series IV: Denny Family
  1. James Denny, Revolutionary War patriot, born ca. 1750 VA, died 1821 Wayne County, KY, married Esther Small of Albemarle County, VA.
Series V: Frye Family
  1. Martin Frey, Immigrant. Royal Land Grant 1751, Lexington District, SC, and wife Nancy.Philip Martin Frey, born ca. 1754 South Carolina, died 1833 South Carolina, and wife Nancy. Revolutionary War patriot.
  2. Andrew Frye, born 1796 SC, died 1866-1882, prob. Monroe County, AL, married Nancy Hendrix.
Series VI: Grayson Family
  1. Joseph Grayson born ca. 1773 NC, died ca. 1822 Bledsoe/Marion County, TN, married 1798 Knox County, TN, to Elizabeth Breazeale.
  2. Henry Grayson, born 1799 Anderson County, TN, died 1879 Marion County, TN, married 1820 Bledsoe County, TN, to Nancy Hixson (1799-1881).
  3. Pleasant Carroll Grayson, Anderson Cheek Grayson and Patrick Henry Grayson, sons of Henry and Nancy Hixson Grayson.
Series VII: Greer Family

 Greer family genealogical data.

Series VIII: Hixon Family
  1. Joseph Hixson born ca 1746 MD?, died 1803/4 Greene County, TN, married Susannah (maiden name unknown).
  2. William Hixson, born 1768 MD, married 1789 Greene County, TN to Ingabor Hughes.
  3. Joseph Hixson, Jr., Ephriam Hixson and Andrew Hixson, sons of Joseph and Susannah Hixson.
Series IX: Holman Family
  1. George Holman, born 1810 SC, died 1908 AL, married 1840 Monroe County, AL, to Rebecca Frye (1819-1904).
  2. Martin A. Holman, born 1841 and William Holman, born 1845, killed in Civil War. Sons of George and Rebecca Holman.
  3. Octavia Elizabeth Holman, born 1852, married 1875 Everett Martin. Daughter of George and Rebecca Holman.
  4. John Holman, Sr. (1759-1821) of Orangeburg, SC, disproven as father of George Holman.
Series X: Hughes Family
  1. Francis Hughes, born 1759, Shenandoah Valley, VA, died 1841 Bledsoe County, TN, married (1) Rebecca Allen or Rebecca Bird, (2) Elizabeth Long. Revolutionary War patriot.
  2. Ingabo Hughes, born ca. 1778, died 1859 Bledsoe County, TN, married 1798 Greene County, TN, to William Hixson.
Series XI: Hyden Family
  1. William Hyden, born ca. 1704 in Stafford County, VA, died 1748 in same place. Married Mary Todd ca. 1730.
  2. Henry Hyden, born ca. 1735, died 1794 in VA, married Lydia Hoskins.
  3. Richard Hyden, born 1773 Stafford County, VA, died 1856 Bradley County, TN.
  4. Anderson Hyden, born ca. 1805 Cocke County, TN, died 1878 Bradley County, TN. Married (1) Margaret Wrinkle (1807-c. 1853), (2) Margaret Beaty.
  5. Richard Hyden (c. 1760-1830) of Pulaski County, KY (collateral line).
  6. Chancery Court case files from Bradley County, TN, about a dispute over Richard Hyden’s land, ca. 1851.
Series XII: Kennedy Family
  1. Rebekah Kennedy, born 1781, probably in Ireland, married Eli King and died in Bradley County, TN.
  2. Daniel Kennedy (1750-1802) of Greene County, TN and James Kennedy (d. 1826) of Knoxville, TN (collateral lines).
Series XIII: King Family
  1. William King, born ??, in Augusta County, VA by 1738, died ca. 1788 in Mecklenburg County, NC, married Mary Ann (maiden name unknown).
  2. John King, born ca. 1750, died ca. 1798 in Jefferson County, TN, married Mary (maiden name unknown; she later married Abel Morgan).
  3. Eli King, born ca. 1785 probably in Mecklenburg County, NC, died ca. 1851 Bradley County, TN, married Rebekah Kennedy.
Series XIV: Lane - Lain - Layne Family
  1. Joseph Lane, born ca. 1745 VA, died 1846 Bradley County, TN, married ca. 1780 to Rebecca Bowman (ca. 1755-1851). Joseph Lane was a Revolutionary War patriot.
Series XV: Ledkins Family
  1. Typescript genealogy “Descendants of Henry Ledkins” by J.R. Ledkins. Henry Ledkins born ca. 1850, lived Columbia, SC, died before 1850. His sons were [purportedly] William James Ledkins (1823-1875) of Evergreen, AL, and Joseph T. Ledkins (1827-1899). Accompanying notes show
  2. Research on Joseph Thomas Ledkins (1827-1899) and his descendants. He married Sarah Thompson (1837-c.1918) and died before 1850 in Alabama. Dr. Long descends from their daughter Media Alabama Ledkins Long.
Series XVI: Long Family
  1. James Solomon Long (or James Samuel Long), born ca. 1770, died ca. 1830 Washington County, Georgia.
  2. William Madison Long, son of James Solomon Long, born ca. 1793 in Washington County, GA, died 1853 Butler County, AL. Married Sarah Merrill in 1826. They had six sons: William Madison Jr.; Robert Benjamin; James Anderson; George Washington; Henry Jefferson and Solomon Monroe Long.
  3. .Solomon Monroe Long (1842-1929) of Conecuh County, AL, the out-of-wedlock father of Joseph Cummings Long.
  4. Joseph Cummings Long (1866-1947) of Conecuh County, AL, married Media Alabama Ledkins.
Series XVII: Martin Family
  1. Everett Lee Martin (1828-1900), was born in Alabama but his origins are unknown. He married in Monroe County, AL, in 1875 to Octavia Elizabeth Holman (1852-1930).
  2. Includes typescript history of Repton, AL, by Marjorie Dees.
Series XVIII Meek Family
  1. Rebecca Meek, born 1750 Ireland, died after 1815 Jefferson County, TN, married Dr. James Kennedy.
  2.  Adam Meek, born 1746 Ireland, died 1828 Jefferson County, TN, married Martha Wallace.
Series XIX: Pickett Family
  1. Edward T. Pickett, born ca. 1800, died before Sept. 1858 Marion County, TN, married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).
  2. Russell Pickett (born 1925), of Soddy Daisy, Tenn., veteran of World War II.
Series XX: Pilson Family
  1. Richard Pilson I, born 17— Ireland, died 1776 Albemarle County, VA.
  2. Richard Pilson III, born 1769? VA, died ca. 1815 Wayne County, KY, married Frances Denny in 1794 in Patrick County, VA.
Series XXI: Real Family
  1. George Real, Sr., born 17— VA, died 1806 White County, TN, married Hannah Greer 1787 in Franklin County, VA.
  2. George Real, Jr., born 1793 Martinsville, VA, died 1887 Marion County, TN, married Esther Pilson 1816 White County, TN.
Series XXII: Sharp Family
  1. John Sharp, Sr., born ca. 1750, died 1816 Augusta County, VA. Attempt to tie this Sharp family to Dr. Long’s King ancestors. Includes genealogical research papers of Mrs. William Bushman of Staunton, VA, who worked for descendant Martha Hutchens of Martin, TN..
  2. Robert Sharp, son of John, born 1772 in Augusta County, VA, died 1849 in Rutherford County, TN.
Series XXIII: Small Family
  1. John Small, born ca. 1710 in Ireland, died 1791 Patrick County, VA, married Margaret (maiden name unknown). John Small was a Revolutionary War patriot.
Series XXIV: Stringfield Family
  1. Richard Stringfield, immigrant from England in early 1700s who settled near Jamestown, VA, died ca. 1747 North Hampton County. Dr. Long investigated this family for its possible connections to her Hixson family
Series XXV: Thompson Family
  1. Zedekiah Thompson (c.1804-1860) of Monroe County, Alabama, and wife Mary A. Lee.
  2. Sarah Ann Thompson (b.1837), daughter of Zedekiah, married Joseph T. Ledkins
  3. Zedekiah Thompson, Jr. (1840-1864), Confederate soldier.
  4. Confederate records of numerous Thompsons in southern Alabama, investigated in search for William and George, sons of Zedekiah Thompson, Sr.
Series XXVI: Vance Family
  1. James Vance (1773-1851) who married Mary Kennedy (1773-1843). James Vance was born in Pennsylvania but married in Jefferson County TN by 1802 and died there.
Series XXVII: Watson Family
  1. Thomas Watson, Sr. (1764-1834) who married Suzanna Zachry (c.1770- c.1815) in Columbia County, GA in 1786. Thomas Watson moved to Monroe County, AL, and died there
  2. Josiah Randle Watson (1809-1874), son of Thomas Watson, Sr., was born in Columbia County, GA and died in Monroe County, AL. He married Mary (Molly) Pritchett (1812-1862). Among their sons was Josiah Watson, Private, 3rd Alabama Cavalry, CSA.
  3. Clarissa Watson (1831-1882), daughter of Josiah Randle Watson, married William Dees (1829-1898). They lived and died in Monroe County, AL.
Series XXVIII: Woods Family
  1. Michael Woods, born 1688 in Ireland?, died 1762 Albemarle County, VA, married Mary Campbell ca. 1705.
Series XXIV: Wrinkle Family
  1. George Wrinkle, born ca. 1754 in VA or PA?, died 1807 Knox County, TN, married Sophia (maiden name unknown).
  2. Daniel Buchanan Wrinkle, born ca. 1780 in VA?, died 1858 Bradley County, TN.
  3. Daniel Ernest Wrinkle, (1853-1903) born and died in Bradley County, TN, married Mary Jane Reid (1853-1929).
Series XXX: Zachary - Zachry - Zachery Family
  1. John Zachary, immigrant from England to Middlesex County, VA, in 1699. Includes research on the English origins of the family.
  2. Peter Zachary son of John. Lived Columbia County, GA.
  3. Suzanna Zachary, daughter of Peter, wife of Thomas Watson of Monroe County, AL.
  4. Thomas Ward (c. 1758-1800), of Maryland, husband of Mary Zachary (c.1770-1845). Mary Zachary was a daughter of Peter Zachary. Thomas Ward served in the Revolution in the 7th Maryland Regiment. He died in Jackson County, GA, in 1800.
  5. Documents related to alternate spellings Zachery and Zachry.