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    • "City of Savannah"

    • Steamboats; Stern wheelers; African Americans
    • "City of Savannah," a stern wheeler steamboat, plowing through the water belching smoke through the tall stacks. Some individuals are shown on the decks. One lifeboat is visible on one of the decks.
    • Young African-American girls

    • Women; African Americans; Girls; Fences; Bonnets; Clothing & dress
    • A group of five African-American girls are gathered together near a wooden fence and wooden house. Several of the girls are smiling. A white woman in a long dress can be seen in the background walking the other way.
    • Hogs driven onto steamboat

    • African Americans; Swine; Corrals; Laborers; Agriculture
    • A group of men are gathering up hogs and guiding them up a wooden chute onto a steamboat to send them off for slaughter. Most of the men pictured are African American.
    • Women walking down the riverbank

    • African Americans; Women; Waterfronts; Steamboats; Rivers
    • A group of women are walking down the bank of a river. A steamboat can be seen docking at the river. The women are wearing long dresses and hats. The steamboat is the "City of Memphis."
    • Team of oxen

    • Steamboats; Ox teams; Laborers; Rivers; Farming; Bodies of water
    • A man with a hat stands next to a team of oxen. A river and a steamboat can be seen in the background. The man is standing near some wooden structures, one of which may be a barn. The name of the steamboat is the "City of Memphis."
    • Wagon with mules

    • Mules; Carts & wagons; Cotton
    • A posed picture showing six individuals in hats (three men and three women) on and beside a wagon pulled by two mules. Two of the men are wearing riverboat captain's hats. In the background there appears to be bailed cotton with at least two...
    • Oxen team hauling crossties at tieyard

    • Logs; Lumber industry; Lumber; Ox teams; Cattle; Carts & wagons; Cutover lands; Clearing of land; Bodies of water
    • A team of oxen yoked together stand beside wagons loaded with hand hewn crossties. The crossties were hewn by seasonal workers using a broadaxe and delivered to river landing tieyards for shipping by steamboat.
    • Oxen led to water

    • Cattle; Carts & wagons; Ox teams; Women; African Americans; Bodies of water
    • A team of yoked oxen in the foreground are led to the water's edge by their African-American handler. A group of women are seated on a wagon bed with a small building in the background.
    • A mule-powered ferry boat at river landing

    • Mules; Kettles; Rocks; Waterfronts; Rivers; African Americans; Men; Boats; Dwellings
    • A waterfront view showing three African American men. One man sits at the edge of the river near a mule-powered ferry. The second man is on the ferry with two mules. The third man sits above the bank on a cliff. Rocks, driftwood and a large iron...
    • Assembling a ramp

    • Laborers; African Americans; City & town life; Inclined planes; General stores
    • African American men shown on either side of chute or ramp which is positioned into a warehouse, perhaps waiting for products which will be sent down the trough. This building was probably a general store. Individuals, are positioned in the...
    • Man hauling bags in a steamboat

    • African Americans; Barrels; Bags; Steamboats; Laborers
    • African-American man caries a heavy cloth bag of unidentified goods, possibly peanuts, on his back. Behind him another man carries the same. Rows of cloth bags and barrels of goods are pictured.
    • Oxen and handler

    • Women; Cattle; Laborers; Carts & wagons; African Americans
    • African-American man reins in two yoked oxen in a field as a group of women stand, sit in, and walk around a wagon. Structures appear in the background.
    • Woman with child

    • African Americans; Toys; Women; Children
    • African-American woman with her hand on a young child's head. Both are cleanly dressed but barefoot. The young child is positioned behind her toy high chair, smiling into the camera. The woman seems to be squinting or frowning.
    • Doing the wash

    • Laundry; Domestic life; Laundresses; Housework; Kettles; African Americans; Women domestics; Houses; Women
    • An African American woman is pictured at the back of a multi-story dwelling stirring laundry that is heating over a fire in a black iron kettle. The house, with clothes drying on the porch rails, is visibile behind her. A dinner bell is mounted...
    • Flooded farm

    • Floods; Bodies of water; Disasters
    • Flooding river rising to homes, barns, and other outbuildings, probably on Mississippi or Tennessee Rivers. Buildings are surrounded by water and trees; their trunks are underwater
    • "Roustabouts" on deck of steamboat

    • African Americans; Waterfronts; Labor supply; Men; Laborers
    • Four African-American men relax on the deck of a riverboat. The man in front wears blue jeans, vest, coat, and boots. The man in back wears overalls and a plaid shirt. Visible in the background are stacked wooden boxes.
    • Mississippi River People

    • Laborers; African Americans; Agricultural machinery & implements; Agricultural laborers
    • Four Black laborers preparing to work. The three youngest, two boys and a girl, are barefoot. The youngest, a girl, is holding a hoe which is bigger than she is. Buildings are shown in the background.
    • A river landing scene

    • African Americans; Men; Waterfronts
    • Four men, three of them American American, load and unload goods at a river landing. The men are using a gangplank to access the riverboat. One man holds chickens and a package in his hand. A riverboat captain stands in the background.


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